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cause your words hit like a train and i can't ignore it. [entries|friends|calendar]

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WOOOOWWW [23 Oct 2006|10:46pm]
[ mood | cold ]

i dont even know how long its been since i wrote in this thing..
actually i do.
next monday itll be a year.

cause next monday is my BIRTHDAYYY!!!!!

and if you look at the entry below this one itll say today is my birthday blahblahblah haha.

so yeah.

umm basically i got bored and decided to make a new one and maybe start writing in it again.

so yeah.

new lj guys!!!


go add it.

and ill fix it all up tomorrow.. but right now im too tired.
so peace out homiez.

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asdfjkl; [30 Oct 2005|09:24pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

today would be my birthday.

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umm.. [16 Sep 2005|11:20pm]
[ mood | tired ]

woke up.
got ready.
went to the doctor.
then to school.
had to act in drama >:|
but it wasnt THAT bad.
came home.
got reready just a little bit.
went to the game with blayne and holly.
then after the game me, blayne, holly, robert, and adam walked to dinos.
we gave robert a ride home.
now im here.
livejournal = gay.
i dont know why im even updating.
im too lazy to do my layout.
i just clicked on something and all these colors came up.
so im not even going to try to change anything.


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VACATION WEEK 2 = FLORIDA [15 Aug 2005|09:20am]
[ mood | tired ]

week 2...

saturday - we left early and went to eat at waffle house. then after that we left for the rest of the way to florida!!! we got our own room... kinda hahat when we got there we went swimming.

sunday - went to the pool around 9:30. got a sweet burn/tan hahaha then we all went back to the room to get ready. we went shopping. fun fun. then later that night jenny, meredith, and ed came and stayed in our room for the night. but before they got there me, sab, and holly went down to the pool met a boy named bernie from south florida.. he was crazy haha.. then we met TOM TOM! hes from chicago. then we met gar gar (gary) and ran ran (randy).. theyre also crazy. then the pool closed at 11 and all of us minus bernie went to the arcade and hung out forever. then everyone went back to their room and we went to ours and went to sleep.

monday - we went to magical kingdom or whatever it was called.. rode rides blah blah blah stayed there all day.. then we came home and went to the pool and hung out with tom tom and ran ran i think? hmm...

tuesday - we went to MGM.. fun fun fun fun... stayed there all day. went back to the hotel.. hung out with tom tom (of course) and ran ran.

wednesday - we went to animal kingdom.. it was soooooo freakin HOT! and we stayed there till late i guess.. came back to the hotel and hung out with everyone.

thursday - went to the water park and stayed there till 3..met tay tay (taylor).. hes extremely hot. and he hollered at sab and gave her his phone numba!! then we had to come home early due to technical difficulties with one of the gulls hahahah.. but we went down to the pool and hung out with everyone again.

friday - we were supposed to go to universal but stayed home instead and we slept till 3? then woke up and hung out with everyone. it was our last night alllll together =[ but that night we also met jamel and issac.. they free styled for us. hahahaha.. then we all wrote tom tom notes and wrote us ours.

saturday - tom tom came by and we said our goodbyes =[ then he left then we left for epcot the whole day.. we saw tay tay there<3 hahahaha. then came home talked to tom tom on the phone. and all that stuff went to sleep around 11.. the earliest i went to sleep that whole week then woke up at 2am? cause sab was talking to tay tay on the phone.. went back to sleep around 3.

sunday - spent the whole day in the car. got home around 7?

we met so many people and done so many things this whole week that i havent EVEN listed.

people we met:

Bernie - South Florida

Tom Tom - Chicago

Tay Tay (taylor) - California

Ran Ran and Gar Gar - Maryland

Scotty C. - dont know where he was from

the twins - dont know where they were from but they were extremely hot!!

baby - dont really know his name or where hes from but he was uber hot too and he kept making eye contact in the pool hahahahah

drew - hes a hustler.. jk.. but hes from New York

Sealard (sounds like sealad) - hes from slovakia but he moved to New York

Bran Bran (brandon) - he's basically our twin in a boy version. he lived 30 minutes away

J.T. - we called him that cause he looked like justin timberlake. he was bran brans friend. along with this boy in a green shirt.. forgot his name haha

Jamel and Issac - they lived close by.. dont know where though.. they free styled for us.

then "do you know where the market place is" boy - he was weird.. we think hes gay haha and weird lol

then the workers that we met :

francy - or whatever the freak his name was.. we jsut called him mike jones.. we dont care where hes from cause he got a tude with us on one of the nights!

funlloyd - was our FAV worker! and yes that was his name and hes from haiti

craigy - he was a little weird.. but he gave us free stuff =]

tim/chris - he gave us our dinnuh everynight at the bar.

this week was soooooooo much fun and i wish we didnt have to leave!! ahhhh

but ill be putting pictures up later today or tomorrow or something like that!



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VACATION WEEK 1 = CHARLESTON [15 Aug 2005|09:15am]
[ mood | tired ]


so on july 29th i left for charleston.

it was too much fun.

when i got there i just hung around my moms house with my brother.


saturday - went to the black market then went shopping with my mom. i got 2 pairs of pants, a black skirt, and a shirt.

sunday - went to church in the morning and i cant remember what else we did.

monday - went to king street. then a few hours later got pizza then went to the IMAX theatre to see charlie and the chocolate factory (my 3rd time seeing it =] )

tuesday - me and my mom were lazy and didnt feel like getting ready so we stayed home and i watched tv and played video games with my brother.

wednesday - went to the beach allllll day. it was fun. saw a bunch of hot boys hahaha and i got burnt a little.

thursday - woke up at 7 in the morning throwing up allll day. it was so terrible. slkdgj

friday - got up and took my brother to his daycare and came back to get ready then me my mom and grandma went to goodwill ( i got 2 shirts ) then to walmart i think to get some paper for my moms picture printer, then a bunch of other places. then we came home for a little bit. watched tv. then around 4:30 went to go pick my brother up. came home and packed all my stuff. left about 30 minutes later i think and went to another goodwill ( i got another shirt ) then i dont remember where else.. i think platoes closet too. then we left and met my dad 45 minutes later. got to see my bffaes (sab, blayne, and holly). we ate at KFC where we saw some WEIRD people. then we left for FLORIDA!!!! we stopped in georgia and stayed at the ramada inn. there was dook on our walls and stains on the matress and a weed label or whatever under the matress.. ok so we took off all the sheets to check for dead people hahaha.. but thats what we found. then there was towels everywhere and hair all over the sink. gross. the next morning we left early and went waffle house and ate and left to leave for the rest of the way for FLORIDA!!!

now the florida trip will be continued on the next entry =]

leave a comment if you wish.

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i love you jeffy<3 [27 Jul 2005|02:24am]
[ mood | words cant explain ]

Jeffy Sugar Star.

words cant explain how i feel.
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oh what marvelous things.. [26 Jul 2005|11:54pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

ahh its been a great week so far.
and it should be getting even BETTER haha..
lets see yesterday..
woke up at 10 and got ready.
then me, sab, matt, and holly went to waffle house.
dang that shizzat was good. hahaha
after that we went to platoes closet and then to tj max.
matt got girl pants and sab got some ae pants.
then we came back to our house for a little while.
then we left for walmart and we picked up blayne.
at walmart matt got some shirts and undies hahaha
stayed there for a while then left to go back home.
then caitlin came over and matt left to go eat dinner.
later on that night me, sab, blayne, holly, and caitlin went to the movies.
matt and georgina met us there.
we saw charlie and the chocolate factory. [again]
after the movie everyone went home cept blayne and caitlin.
they spent the night of course.
we stayed up late talkin and shizzat.
then i went to bed.
then today my alarm went off at 12 so i got up.
then around 3 blayne came over.
then sab came around 4.
theeeennnnn at 5 me, sab, blayne, holly, and caitlin watched laguna beach.
and hilary and matt came over during it and so we all watched it.
LB PARTY hahaha.. wow i dont really like that show but oh well.
umm.. then after laguna beach we all decided we wanted to go swimming cause it was soooo hot.
we went down to our pool and it was closed so we came home.
then caitlin had to go.
then me, blayne, sab, hilary, holly, and matt decided to go to the ashby park pool.
but people were there and we couldnt hop the fence.
soooo we went to the summerfield pool since we knew someone that lived there.
we swam for a while then marc came but didnt get in.
then he left.
then we left like an hour or 2 later.
and everyone came over for a little then left.
now im sitting here enjoying my fixed computer : ]

tomorrow we're supposovly camping out in sabs backyard hahaha
then friday im leaving for charleston till the 5th or 6th.
and on the 5th or 6th im leaving from charleston straight to florida with sab and holly
and my other sister jenny and her friend meredith and my dad and lynn and nanny : ]
its gonna be grand.

and yes i know my lj layout is screwed up right now.

so this was a long entry.
comment i guess?

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danggg... [22 Jul 2005|06:16pm]
[ mood | bored ]

im bored.
so ill update.
lets see...
i cant remember what happened the past few days before yesterday.
cept that we hung out with a bunch of people.
wednesday i think it was everyone came over..
such as.. sab, blayne, hilary, corey, matt, and marc.
they came around 8 or something like that.
and then we just hung out.
then around 12? everyone left and i went to bed around 3.
then yesterday..
me, sab, blayne, and matt went to tacobell.
then we all went to goodwill then marc met us there.
then matt went to get hilary.
and we stayed in goodwill for a long time.
then matt took me, blayne, and holly by our house.
then around i dont know what time matt and hilary came by again
and picked us up.
all of us went to coreys crib.
then sab and marc showed up.
it was toooo much fun.
the boys played old skoo' GTA.
and the girls watched.
then coreys mom gave us candy.
cause shes cool like that haha.
then we put in DONNI DARKO.
i bet i would have understood it
if sab and blayne didnt talk the whole time
or if corey didnt always rewind some parts and play it over 45867498 times
or pause it on the fat girl.
then around 12? everyone left and i came home stayed up till 3 and went to bed.
today was extremely boring.
i watched anchorman on HBO.
then i tried to play my guitar a little haha.
oh well..

im bored.
comment if you wanna : ]

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raise your window down.. [14 Jul 2005|05:48pm]
[ mood | hot ]

ahhh man these past 2 or 3 days have been grand.
monday sab and blayne spent the night.
we talked to corey on the phone till 4 in the morning.
then me sab and blayne slept in my room.
talk about uncomfortable cause i have a small bed hahaha.
we stayed up till 6 though talking about the whole world.
then we finally went to sleep.
the next day we were supposed to wake up at 9:30 AM
but my alarm didnt go off.
dlkfhgkjh like always.
so i woke up around 10:30 and woke up sab and blayne.
they wanted to sleep till 11 so we did.
then when we did wake up blayne had to go home and get ready.
then me and sab got ready
then matt came over.
then after holly and everyone else was ready matt took us to the mall
we saw some people.
then after the mall we drove around then stopped at coreys house.
ahahahahah that was hilarious.
umm then we came home.
holly woke me up at 12 or something.
we cleaned.
then got ready.
then matt and sab came to pick us up and then we got blayne
then we went to coreys house and went in for a few.
then alllllll of us left and went to the bank then to goodwill
then to taco bell THEN to walmart.
that was fun cause we had to run cause it was raining really hard haha
and sab had to sit in the back with the tropical rain forest pouring in matts car
and then when we got in walmart the power went out just a little bit haha.
well we looked arounddd blahhh then left then came back to our house.
everyone got crunk just a little bit then we had to take corey home.
thennnnnnnnn matt brought us back home and we were locked out so he left to go get some food
so me sab blayne and holly had to wait for lynn to get home to unlock the door
while we were waiting blayne had on coreys pants and was dancing for everyone hahahaahaha
till finally lynn got home and everyone got reready a little then matt came back
and took us to the skatepark
we hung out with corey and his cuzzo for a little while.
then we left.
and then todayyyyyy i woke up around 2 and cleaned my room.
dang that took fo'evaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
and now im sitting here bored.

this was one lonnnngggggggg entry.

its worth commenting i think :]


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how does it feel when youve laid your hands upon me... [08 Jul 2005|02:25pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

this boredom is gonna drive me INSANEEEEEEEE.
i need to get out the houseeee.
i havent been out the house since..
actually wait.
i went to chick-fil-a yesterday.

oh well.
i wanna go to tacobell and goodwill
with my pdlfhtbag crew.
its been a while.



look, im a fish =)Collapse )

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mmhmm... [06 Jul 2005|12:19pm]
[ mood | tired ]

lets see......
sunday i went to the mall with blayne and holly.
TOO boring.
then we went home.
got sabrina, hilary, and molly to come over..
and then later on marc came over.
we made corey a huge sign haha..
umm.. we saw some fireworks while waiting on marc.
then everyone left cept sabrina and blayne.
cause they stayed the night.
went to sleep around 4am.
the next day aka monday i woke up around 11:30?
then sabrina and blayne left.
got ready and all that good stuff and that night
i went downtown with blayne, kryss, and holly.
it was funnn//really hot!djfjh
i hate hot weather.
but we saw a lot of interesting things haha
we saw way too many hott boys.
there was this ONE specific one that we had to umm
follow for a few minutes hahaha.
then we saw emily and some other girl cough hah.
then there were these brazilian men that came up to us.
TOO scary.
one hollered at holly and got her numbaaaa hahaha..
and the other one seemed to be hollering at blayne.
they were olllldddd and scary ahaha..
then a few minutes later kryss' mom picked us up and we went home.
tuesday i didnt really do anything.
blayne came over.
holly cut my hurr twice.Collapse )

first time 4inches.
second time another 2.
so yeah.. i have short hair now.
today im supposed to be going to goodwill and taco bell with the pdlfhtbag peeps haha..
aka blayne, holly, and corey.
and sabrina is supposed to be joining also.
this is really long.
so im gonna end it now.

comment =)


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blah.. [02 Jul 2005|11:19pm]
[ mood | blah ]

thursday went to the mall.
with blayne and holly duhh.
we hung out with josh and of course he left us.
nothing new.
then we hung out with this chris character and his crowd haha.
then that night we went to kryss' house! woot!
it was fun.
then friday me blayne and holly went to the movies.
saw bewitched.
saw alex.
we talked to him for a few.
then today did nothing.

as of right now i DO hate people.
thats all i gotta say.



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questionnnnssss... [29 Jun 2005|08:30pm]
1. Have we kissed?:
2. Do you want to?:
3. What would you like our relationship to be?:
4. Have we dated?:
5. Did you like it?:
6. Do you want to date?:
7. Are we close friends?:
8. Would you be here if I needed you?:
9. Are you attracted to me?:
10. Mentally, sexually, or both?:
11. Do you love me?:

Do you like my-
12. Face?:
13. Eyes?:
14. Lips?:
15. Body?:
16. Arms?:
17. Legs?:
18. Clothes?:
19. Ass?:
20. Hands?:
21. Hair?:

Do think I'm-
22. Sexy?:
23. Beautiful?:
24. Hot?:
25. Cute?:

Do you think I'm-
26. Crazy?:
27. Nice?:
28. Fun to be around?:
29. Funny?:
30. Annoying?:

Would you..
31. Share chocolate with me?:
32. Spend a weekend with me?:
33. Alone?:
34. Hook up with me?:
35. Have sex with me?:
36. Care if I ran away?:
37. Care if I died?:
38. Miss me if I left?:
39. Hang out with me?:

What would you do if..
40. I kissed you?:
41. You found out I was missing?:
42. You found out I was in the hospital?:
43. You found out I was dead?:
44. I cried?:
45. I asked you for help?:
46. I told you I loved you?:
47. I told you I hated you?:
48. Someone told you I wanted you to kiss me?:
49. Someone told you I had a crush on you?:

In the last week have you..
50. Wanted to kiss me?:
51. Wanted to see me?:
52. Wanted to have sex with me?:
53. Wanted to tell me you loved me?:
54. Wanted to spend alone time with me? *wink*:
55. Wanted to get to know me better?:
56. Thought about me?:
57. Missed me?:
58. Wanted me?:
59. Seen me?:
60. Kissed me?:

Have I..
61. Kissed you?
62. Hugged you?
63. Told you I loved you?:
64. Made you happy?:
65. Made you sad?:
66. Made you angry?:
67. Made you feel better if you were upset?:

Are you..
68. Happy you know me?:
69. Going to post this is your journal so I can answer it?:
70. Done with this survey?:

fill it out<3
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yeah im a whitey.. so what? [29 Jun 2005|01:45am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

today was alright.
woke up at 11.
of course with the help of my crappy alarm clock.
its funny how i have to use an alarm clock in the summer time.
but oh well.. i dont want to waste a good day =)
so yeah i woke up then blayne came
then i got ready.
around 5:30 me, blayne, and holly went to goodwill<3
yes, again.
i got 2 more shirts.
i looooove them oh so much.
one is a white collared shirt.
it was found in the mens section hahaha..
and then i got a black finch shirt.
it smells like a boy.. aka cologne haha
then after goodwill we walked to tacobell.
sorry if ya saw us fatties walking on the side of the road. =)
then after tacobell blayne came over for a little while.
hung out &&such.
then we took her home.
now im sitting here bored.
wondering if i should go to sleep now or not...

i think not.

comment cause i love ya<3

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omgawsh the turkeys are on a rampage! [27 Jun 2005|02:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]

let seeeeeee..
yesterday was fun.
sabrina spent the night.
we woke up at 11.
got ready.
then around 12:30
we went to pick up blayne
me, blayne, and holly went to goodwill<33
cause sabrina had to go to work
umm in goodwill i got 2 shirts.
really 3 cause i bought one of blaynes haha
then after that we walked to taco bell.
sorry if you saw some fatasses walking somewhere (jk)
then after taco bell we went back home..
blayne came back over after she went home.
she spent the night.
hahahha it was hilar.ious.
first we just had fun telling people a bunch of stupid crap
then asking dumb questions hahahahaha
then around 3 went to sleep.
then a lighting bolted out of the sky
while rain spoodged from the clouds.
and then..............................
BAAAAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! a loud thunder that like made our house fall down.
not really.
but it shook my house just a little ahahahahaha
then i RAN into the computer room where i met blayne and we all screamed
cause we saw each others faces.
hahaha j playin.
then i just ended up sleeping in hollys room with her and blayne
wow i hope yall enjoyed that little section of the storm
as much as i had fun writing it.
just kidding.
then this morning at 11 my alarm DID NOT go off..
piece of crap.
and so i woke up at 11:30 cause blaynes mom called
we went downstairs.
she left.
i went back to bed till 1:30
and now hopefully tonight we will be going to the skatepark
and hopefull goodwill<33 too.

hope yall enjoyed this little entry full of worthless crap.


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ill laugh until my head comes off.. [25 Jun 2005|04:24pm]
[ mood | okay ]

i done something useful for once =)
i redid my lj layout.
still looks like crap.
but i'll fix that later.
lets see.. thursday i dont think we did anything.
blayne came over and we hung out.
yesterday aka friday.. me, sabrina, blayne, and holly went downtown.
we saw ryan and ricky then mandy and her friend..
stayed down there for a while then came home around 10.
then later on we walked sabrina home.
and after we walked her home me and holly were walking through
HL and we saw kyle and jorden or however you spell his name.
talked to them for like 2 minutes and we walked home.
got online.
then around 4 i went to sleep.
today i woke up at 2 or something like that.
and now i dont know what we're doing today.


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it gets you through the night... [23 Jun 2005|02:53pm]
[ mood | tired ]

im bored.
so im updating.
hmm.. i cant remember what i did this weekend..
but monday i went to the mall with blayne and holly.
we hung out with josh and rachel the whole time.
then they left.
then we did.
tuesday was great.
went to ximenos that night with blayne and holly.
we saw/hung out with everyone haha..
such as corey, iris, josh, some kid that hates blayne, and a bunch of others..
then blayne spent the night.
we raved all night.
not really hahaha..
then yesterday went back to the mall with blayne and holly haha..
hung out with josh till he left.
then we saw other people we knew and talked to them and hung out with brian till we had to leave.
and today i just woke up around 2:30.
and i think sabrina is hangin out with us today.

so yeah.
leave some comments.

"im gonna start singing to him."
"what... 10-10-2-20?"

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oh its what you do to me.. [09 Jun 2005|12:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i havent updated in a looonnngggg time.
this summer has been pretty interesting.
well yesterday..
woke up around 12.
took a nap around 3 or 4.
woke up around 5.
went to whatever with holly.
we picked up blayne too.
then when we got home i got re-ready.
aka straightened my hair and put on makeup.
sorry if you saw me out in public without makeup.
didnt mean to.
then sometime later jason, ricky, and ryan came over.
we all hung out.
they left.
i stayed up still 2 or 3 trying to help sabrina
with her myspace.
i got tired.
i went to bed.
today i woke up at like 12.
now im bored as crap.
i guess thats why im updating this thing.
wow.. sorry for wasting your time.

but you should leave me some comments =)

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umm yeahh... [27 May 2005|02:48pm]
[ mood | okay ]

so yeah.. compulsive liars suck big time.

go comment.

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: \ [22 May 2005|11:25am]
[ mood | confused ]

i try to be nice to people..
but all they do is treat me like shit in return.

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